The Perfect Way to Curl YOUR Lashes!

Trust us when we say that most people out there, who resort to falsies to gift their natural lashes with the much-deserved volume, are petrified of the eyelash curler. They would take any other recourse but, give the curler a try fearing that the equipment would hurt their eyes in some way. However, that is not true. Quite like all the other self-care tools available in the market, the curler too will do its job perfectly when you know how to handle and use it in the right way.

Instead of investing in new lashes to get that extra dose of drama, learn to curl the ones that you already have even after using them multiple times. For the uninitiated, in order to get the perfect curl, you must combine heat and curl without going over the lashes sharply. According to the ace makeup artists, there essentially two ways to curl your lashes and they are, before and after their application.

  • Curling after applying the false lashes

Sanitize your curler by thoroughly cleaning and heating it using warm water. After the curler has attained the desired temperature, hold it like a scissor, and curl your natural lashes once. Following this, move on to applying the false lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Now, reheat the curler and let it hold both your false and real lashes together for some seconds. Bear in mind that the curler should be upright so that curve is formed outwards. Close the curler gently on the lashes and squeeze softly so that you do not form a kink over them. Slightly turn the curler upwards so that the lashes can be in line with your cut crease and create the perfect curl without messing the whole thing up.

Repeat the process a few times if required by reheating the tool over and over and again until you are completely satisfied. Thereafter, add two or more thick coats of mascara (make sure they do not appear sticky) to complete the look.

  • Curling before putting on the lashes

Curling the false lashes before placing them on your eyes is a bit tedious but, achievable. Employ a round tube with the same diameter as the lashes to maximize the curls. Lay the falsies over the tube and cover the latter with a small tissue to hold the entire arrangement in place. Bring into play your hairdryer, turn it to low, and operate it from a distance of 5-6 feet from the wrapping. Depending on your requirements, continue swamping the tube with heat. On completion, apply them on your natural lashes and end the course of action by gracing it with a top-notch mascara.

The bottom line

As you are now acquainted with the dos and don’ts of proficiently curling lashes, it’s now time for you to give the hacks a try and see how they turn out to be. Remember that regardless of what you do, never overheat the curler or press the lashes too hard against each other with it and you will be good to go!