Real Mink Vs. Faux Mink

There are numerous lash options available nowadays. With such overwhelming options available, it can be hard to decide. We are listing the advantages and disadvantages of real and faux mink lashes in this comparison so you can pick which ones are perfect for you.

Consider How Sensitive Your Eyes and Skin Are

If you have sensitive eyes that get red or irritated easily real mink lashes might be the perfect option for you. Since the fake mink lashes don't have a flexible band, they won't feel comfortable on your lashes. Additionally, since the faux mink lashes are made out of plastic, they will feel heavy on your eyes and may irritate them. If you've had problems with eye allergies or inflammations, going for the real pair is the best choice.

Natural Look

Since mink lashes are made out of real hair, they will look more natural. The hairs fall naturally and look wispy and voluminous. On the other hand, faux lashes can give off a dramatic and bold look since the hairs on the lashes are made out of plastic fibers.

Consider Your Budget

Lashes made out of real mink are more expensive than faux ones. If you have a limited budget, going for faux mink lashes may be the option for you as they will offer you a look that mimics the appearance of the real mink for a smaller price. However, if you take care of your mink lashes, they will last you much longer. Consider how often you wear false lashes and whether getting better quality for an upgrade at price would be worth it to you.

Variety of Designs

Depending on how you like to wear your false lashes, you might enjoy changing the styles every now and then. Faux mink lashes tend to have more designs available as they have an affordable price. However, if you are looking for one versatile pair that will go well with your looks real mink is the way to go.

Proper Care

In order for mink lashes to last you as long as possible, you will need to take regular care of them. You need to curl them every once in a while, and clean them thoroughly to keep them in their best shape. If you don't like having to do this extra step in order to wear your eyelashes, go for the faux mink ones.