Lash Looks for Every Eye Shape!

For a peak into the depths of your soul, the eyes are the doorway. We are blessed with varying eye shapes; however, we often wish to add a bit to them. Those with smaller eyes wish for ways to make their eyes pop, while others want a ‘cat eye’ look. With eyelash falsies by Audiger Lashes, you no longer have to hope for better lashes – you can get them as per your heart’s desire. There are lash looks from Silk to Faux lashes to 3D ones for each eye shape.

  • Almond Eyes

A common eye shape, the almond eyes are fortunate enough to accommodate almost all styles of eyelash extensions. They are wider than high and thus, work best for the coveted cat-eye. In this, the eyelashes are longer on the corners, and smaller within – giving an elongated feeling. On the other hand, a standard C-curl also works well.


  • Round Eyes

With round eyes, the whites of the eye are always evident. This also means the need for careful styling to avoid a ‘surprised’ look. What should you do then? Go for a relaxed curl and relatively shorter lengths. This usually refines to a B-curl with longer lengths towards mid-outer eye.


  • Close-Set Eyes

With eyes set close to one another, the eyelash extensions with greater length at the ends are a better fit to such eyes. Whether you are choosing the silk lashes, or 3D mink, such a design would give a cat-eye look to the face, appearing stylish and in-trend.


  • Hooded Eyes

If your eyelids don’t show a crease, then you have hooded eyes. Showcasing a layer of skin, for such eyes you would want to open the hooded lids, and this is achieved by giving a bit of curl. The L and especially L+ eyelashes work wonders in this case, enhancing visibility of the eyelash extensions and giving you the fashionable touch you wish for.