Summer Makeup Looks with the Perfect Lashes

Do you want your eyes to shine and your look to always be on fleek, yet not wear heavy makeup? Then eyelash extensions are your best friend. Not only do they enable the eyes to pop out more, they also mean lesser time spent on your eye makeup routine since they are bold and beautiful always. Are you hoping to invoke your inner make up artists (MUA) this summer and are in search of the best makeup looks to pair with your Audiger Lashes? Your search ends here.

  • Time to Highlight

While winters call for matte shades, summers is all about the glow. While your eyes are slaying with 3D Mink falsies, bring the sun-kissed glow to your face by highlighting. Brush the highlighter with your cheekbones, a bit near your eyelids, on the nose, and the forehead – and be ready to shine.


  • Let’s Blush

An underrated yet important feature of the makeup routine, a rose-pink blush adds a natural, soothing flavor to your summer look. Accent your cheekbones with a light blush, or if going for a party, match a red blush with a bold red lip stain to stand out of the crowd. 


  • The Floating Eyeliner

Whether you opted for 3D faux mink lashes or went for silk lashes instead, your eyes are in no need for a mascara or eyeliner. However, to appear out of the ordinary, a current trend is of the floating eyeliner. Draw a white cloud over your eyelid or go for simple shapes and lines of your desire.


  • Your Favorite Nude Lipstick

When your eyes are doing the talking for you with gorgeous eyelash extensions, there is no need for heavy makeup or bold lip colors. This summer, choose a no-makeup look with minimal makeup paired with your favorite nude lipstick and you are good to go!