Lash extension PRO TIPS!

Let's take a moment here and accept that lash extensions are indeed the unsung heroes of the makeup world. People with short or sparse eyelashes will not what we are trying to get at here; the constant struggle of applying thick coats of mascara and then giving it shape with a curler can be immensely excruciating and this is when the lash extensions come to the rescue. Also, who wouldn't want their eyes to make a statement of their own? People with thick eyelashes too, do not mind possessing one or two sets of detachable lashes for enhancing the drama and we are all for that! But, did you know that the key to preserving the lash extensions lies in their maintenance? In the following section, we will be jotting down some tips to keep your Lash Extensions fresh and glamorous throughout.  

  • Comb it well  

Much like your own lashes, lash extensions also call for regular and most importantly, gentle combing. When you put on your lashes, keep one eye shut and employ a clean spoolie brush sans any wax or liquid to roll over then. This will preserve the chic factor of the extensions for long and make them look plump and natural.  

  • Sleep on your back  

If you have just gotten the extensions, it would be rather preferable to sleep on your back for the first few nights to ensure that they do not loosen out or fall off at any point. The glue will need enough time to dry and fidgeting with it wouldn’t help.  

  • Oils for your eyes are a big no-no  

The reason why you are advised to avoid oil-based makeup and skincare products around your eyes is that oils have a tendency of breaking up the dry bonds of the glue thereby, prompting them to fall out much before it's time. Even if you apply night cream or face serum, make sure that they do not leave any trace of oil near the eyes and dry off easily. 

  • Avoid using waterproof formulas  

Waterproof formulas might sound very intriguing but, they do have a downside. Removing waterproof makeup is nothing less than a struggle in itself; because they are meant to resist water, it is understandable that trying to get off the residues with water or any such liquid wouldn’t help. Only oil-based makeup remover seems the answer but, then again oils and lash extensions can never go hand in hand. With so much volume on the lashes, it would be rater wise to ditch eye makeup completely but, even if you do, go with their non-waterproof counterparts.  

  • Remove your makeup carefully  

Never sleep with your makeup on; especially, when you have lash extensions. Mildly take off the eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow and dodge weakening the extensions or getting specks of cotton stuck on them. If you are to take our opinion, we would suggest you use a mild cotton swab dipped in some micellar water and then carefully run it around the lashes.  

  • Hands off!  

Lashes from an extension too are bound to break off or come out loose. Therefore, if you ever spot a loose lash, do not give in to the urge of plucking out fiddling with it. Let the faux mink break on its own while using a spoolie to get it back on its spot.  

Bonus: The first 24 hours are very crucial; the lash extensions shouldn’t get wet during that span.